Maddoggin’ is a powerful short film about two teens in East L.A. being pressured to join the local gang. The choices they make over a single day will alter their lives forever.

AWARDS Winner - NBC/Universal Shortcuts Audience Award
Winner - NBC/Universal Shortcuts Best Actor Award (David Castaneda)
Finalist - NBC/Universal Shortcuts Film Festival
Nominated - NBC/Universal Shortcuts Best Actor Award (Leonard Davenport)
Winner - Nevada Film Festival Golden Reel Award
Special Jury Prize - San Luis Obispo International Film Festival
Honorable Mention - AMC Theatres Kansas City Film Festival
Audience Choice Award - Green Bay Film Festival
Best Narrative Short - San Diego Latino Film Festival
Honorable Mention - Interrobang Film Festival
Nominee - Imagen Award
Winner - Hollyshorts Award
OFFICIAL SELECTION Palm Springs International Shortfest
Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival
Cleveland International Film Festival
Brussels International Short Film Festival
Sante Fe Film Festival
Raindance Film Festival (U.K.)
NBC/Universal Short Cuts Film Festival
San Luis Obispo International Film Festival
Charleston International Film Festival
San Diego Latino Film Festival
New York Latino International Film Festival
Omaha Film Festival
Talking Pictures Festival
Green Bay Film Festival
New Filmmakers Los Angeles.
Newport Beach International Film Festival
Non-Violence International Film Festival
AMC Theatres Kansas City Film Festival
Big Sur International Short Film Screening Series
Indianapolis International Film Festival
Interrobang Film Festival
Rome (Georgia) International Film Festival
Big Bear Lake International Film Festival
COMMFEST Global Community Film Festival
AOF International Film Festival
Boston Latino Film Festival
Asheville Cinema Festival

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"People fear what they don't understand."

Most people don’t understand why a kid would join a gang, so they fear them. This fear causes them to stop thinking of gang members as kids, but instead as monsters that should be locked up and discarded. I believe monsters are exceedingly rare. If this is true, then why is it in a kid’s emotional and/or financial self-interest to join a gang? Following months of research, I attempted to write a compelling story that would help answer that question. I hope that MADDOGGIN’ will help audience members recognize themselves in these kids. And that recognition will lead viewers to understand that if they lived in the same circumstances, they would very likely make some of the same poor choices. Finally, let’s use that understanding to motivate us to help create educational and economic opportunities for underserved youth.